Croque en bouche

Croque en bouche

We present one of the Sweet the most spectacular that we have made lately. The croque en bouche is apyramid of cream puffs cream bonded with the caramel and garnished with a caramel runny. Suitable for special occasions, extraordinary!

Watch our cream puff video recipe and make your wonderfull creation.

Time: 3 hours

Ingredients for the caramel:
– 100ml of water
– 400gr of caster sugar
– lemon juice

The Croque en bouche is realized by assembling, by means of caramel, a cone-shaped structure of cream puffs.
Then we made cream puffs in three different sizes that will be between them, starting from the puffs larger at the base, until you get to the smaller ones at the apex of the cone.
As you can see in the video, we created a paper cone from the oven supported by a bottle of mineral water. We brush the baking paper with oil seeds to facilitate the detachment of the card at the end of the creation of the Croque en bouche.
We have prepared the caramel, and we dipped the cream puff in the caramel is still very hot. Pr avoid burning the fingers, we recommend you carefully follow the steps in the video.
To realize correctly the dessert, it is important that the caramel is well fluid and then it will be necessary, occasionally, to warm again the caramel.
When we finish, and the caramel is well solidified, we will be able to lift the structure and remove the baking paper

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