Italian meringue butter cream

The meringue butter cream is very sought after, for its taste and texture that makes it very versatile. It is made by combining Italian meringue with butter, with the foresight that both compounds have the same temperature.
The meringue butter cream can be used for decorations with sac à poche and spouts (to decorate cakes, cupcakes and sweets), as stuffing or to cover cakes to be covered in sugar paste.

Crema al burro meringata ricetta


0,5 cup (125 ml) of water
7 oz (200 gr) of caster sugar
3 egg whites
8,8 oz (250 gr) of butter


We make a syrup bringing to a boil the sugar and the water up to the temperature of 250°F. For those who do not have the kitchen thermometer, the video indicates some tricks to succeed in achieving the sugar syrup.

Whip the egg whites at maximum speed, lower the speed of the kneader or the whisk and pour the syrup flush, immediately bringing the speed to the maximum. Let’s cook the mixture until it becomes cold and fluffy.

Let’s soften the butter softened at room temperature (if we use the whisk, cut it first into cubes). We incorporate the meringue, divided into three portions, blending with each addition. The cream is ready.

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